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Fragrance List

Aqua Fria

A tasteful duplication of the Cool Water men's fragrance. 

Best Brownie Ever

Irresistible, smooth milk chocolate highlighted with hints of dark cocoa powder and a kiss of creamy vanilla.

Cashmere Woods

A lush woody fragrance with cedarwood, amber, musk and vanilla.


Warm and inviting. This scent features a delicious blend of sweet cinnamon, vanilla, buttercream and sugar! Smells exactly like cinnamon buns right out of the oven.

Crisp Cotton

The perfect aroma of crisp, freshly washed linens. 

Fruity Loops

Smells exactly like a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal.

Midnight Kiss

A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean

Legitimate Tough Guy

A woody, earthy fragrance highlighted by a blend of warm spice, cedar, and lemon leaf with hints of smokey incense.

Roses in Bloom

A romance fragrance true to the smell of authentic, fresh cut red roses straight from the floral shop. Complemented beautifully with hints of greens, violet and floral musk. 

Powder Fresh

Smells just like the real thing. Soft, fresh, and cuddly.

Seaside Orchid

An elegant aroma of tropical orchid, jasmine and white musk with hints of sea salt and ozone.

Watermelon Lemonade

Bright and fresh. Juicy watermelon, zesty lemons, and sweet sugar.

Vanilla Patchouli

A beautiful fragrance with warm vanilla and earthy patchouli. 

Aloha Beautiful

A blend of star fruit, plumeria, water lily, coconut and white musk.

Blackberry Vanilla

A beautiful bright blend of berries, vanilla, greenery, citrus and musk.

Cherry Blossom

A beautiful floral fragrance. Clean and light, with hints of fresh picked pears, white jasmine and warm vanilla.

Coconut Cream

An inviting and uplifting blend of sweet honeydew, ripe avocado and creamy coconut highlighted with light floral, fruity bases reminiscent of a tropical oasis. 

Cucumber Melon

Fresh and clean! Bursts of crisp cucumber and bright, fresh cut melon.

Jazzy Jasmine

The wonderful fragrance of jasmine blossoms on a warm summer night. Very pretty and intense.

Milk & Honey

Warm oatmeal combines with sweet milk and a base of sweet honey and vanilla beans.

Lotus Flower Bomb

A unique blend of grapefruit zest, juicy mango and sandalwood.  A really nice fresh and clean scent.

One Sweet Cookie

A mouthwatering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies with hints of vanilla and butter.

Spa Day

Refreshing and clean. This scent is perfect for a spa collection or added to your year round collection. Fresh, crisp mint combines with base notes of bursting lemons, verbena, and eucalyptus.

Slay in Your Lane

A playful combination of sweet strawberries, ripe raspberries, citrus peel and sparkling pink moscato.

Wish Upon a Star

A beautiful duplication of the BBW A Thousand Wishes.

Very Vanilla

This is a smooth vanilla fragrance. Elevated with hints of musk and sweet amber. 


A clean, musky blend of basil leaf, bergamot, and woody spice reminiscent of a classic, dapper old-time barbershop. 

Blueberry Waffles

A mouthwatering medley of blueberries and maple syrup atop a stack of freshly made waffles.

Cherry Merlot

Bold, flavorful dark cherries and tangy black raspberries float in a boozy glass of French merlot wine. Smooth vanilla notes complete this sophisticated blend.

Cotton Candy

Sweet, sugary, cotton candy with top notes of sugar and berries and middle notes of vanilla and strawberries.

Dark Patchouli

A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & dark vanilla bean combined with warm vanilla and earthy patchouli

Just Peachy

It boasts a sweet, fruity aroma that reminds you of a delicious southern peach.

Lavished in Lavender

This fragrance captures the soothing essence of lavender. Not overly sweet or herbal. The perfect balance of soft and simple

Pumpkin Spice

The perfect autumn blend of maple-glazed pecans, delicious caramel, and festive pumpkin complemented with hints of buttery, bakery goodness.


A bright, refreshing blend of pure peppermint with hints of crisp mint and sweet vanilla.

Strawberries & Cream

Highlights of fresh, sweet strawberries, berries, and sugar.

So Icy

A deep, masculine fragrance aroma of bright citrus, sweet jasmine and woodsy musk. Highlighted by background notes of lemon-lime and ambergris.

Unicorn Fancy

It boasts a sweet vanilla and calming lavender aroma that is fun and full of possibilities.

White Tea

Sliced lemons give a light tartness to this warm cup of tea with a heart of sweet floral notes and dry musk base.

Fragrance Free

Goat's Milk Oatmeal & Honey

The soothing moisturizing effects to the goat's milk, oatmeal and raw organic honey.

Charcoal & Clay

Activated charcoal and kaolin clay.  This is the ultimate cleansing bar that is great for your face as well as your whole body.

Matcha Green Tea & Honey

Matcha green tea & raw organic locally sourced honey.

Mega Clay

French Rose, kaolin, bentonite clay and activated charcoal. to leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturized. 

Honey & Vanilla

 Turmeric, raw organic locally sourced honey and vanilla extract. Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots.

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