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About Us

At Phat Bath & Body, we strive to only offer the best all-natural bath, skin and hair care products. We source our ingredients responsibly, looking for the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that truly make a difference for our customers. Our products include whipped body butter(seasonal), bath bombs, body lotion, skin serum, and much more. All of our products are safe, effective, and gentle on your skin. We’re passionate about providing all of our customers with the very best in natural and organic bath and body products. Shop our products today and feel the difference!

Phat Bath & Body got its start initially by making all-natural products for my family and providing a safer approach to our bath and body needs. We strived to rid ourselves of commercial products that contained ingredients and chemicals that were not beneficial or necessary. Since, I have made my products available to the public, so they can share in the benefits as well. 

*My mission is to provide my customers with AWESOME products and GREAT customer service.

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